Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On Friendship that Transcends Politics

A friend of mine once told me that I was brave when I wrote.  I am not naturally brave.  Fierce at times, but not brave.  This post is for that friend.  It is my version of attempting to be brave. 

I apologize for not returning your call – you were reaching out because you sensed a distance between us.  That means a great deal to me. 

The past few days (& the past year) have been crazy & challenging, even without the election fiasco.  The past few months with this election, & more importantly, things in my daily life, have been worse.

For so long, since I was a much younger version of myself, I have believed in the concept of civilized, respectful debate & discussion.  I always thought it should not be about convincing or changing the other’s mind.  It was designed to be about communication.

About an exchange of ideas. 

Prior to this election, I was able to hold onto that belief. 

I fear the rules have changed, & the rules are no longer in the spirit of the ancient philosophers.  I fear that I am no longer as open-minded as that prior version of myself.

This election, I had to make a choice.  Whether to try & adhere to something that was core to my thought process, or remove myself from certain facets of the discussion in order to maintain the peace that I need to take care of my Mother. 

And to still find joy.  I chose peace & joy & my Mother.

I understand your reasons for backing the Republican ticket.  I respect your position & your concerns.  But we have different views of the role of government, especially the Federal government. 

We have agreed to disagree. 
We are still friends.  I hope we always will be.

The tone & rhetoric of this election is divisive, on both sides of the aisle.  The right & the left.  It began eight years ago – but my thoughts on that are not for this missive.

This election has challenged so many of us to our core – to try & maintain those core beliefs that drive us & still maintain a sense of faith, family, friendship, community & understanding.

There is one thing I know about you, my friend.  You understand that sense.

We just can’t discuss politics right now.

But we can drink a fine Malbec together. 


  1. We can discuss anything and everything and love each other until the end of our time. That's what friends are for. Standing for what's right and just in our outside worlds does not change a darn thing about what we will do for one another and how we will be there for one another. Friendship DOES transcend politics because on the local level, we must always feel that we can trust one another. Before and during this election, we live, work, play, and pray together regardless of our individual political views. You are my hero for being there for your mother. You have earned my respect, trust, and love.